Women's Resource Center is excited to be expanding it's free counseling program.  We have two counselors available.  

Vincent Paolillo M.S.W. specializes in trauma and domestic violence but may meet with any client on a variety of subjects.   

WRC Counseling Guidelines:

  • Must be 18 years or older. 
  • Sessions are 40-50 minutes depending on the counselor. 
  • Families may attend as a group.
  • Individuals may choose to include a second person at times.
  • Any subject is open to discussion including; grief and loss, trauma, feeling lonely, suicidal thoughts, family stress, ongoing mental illness, problem solving. 
  • Contact (863) 294-5318 for scheduling and appointments

Counseling is available Monday – Friday 9am-4pm.


Vincent Paolillo, M.S.W.  graduated from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey with a Masters in Social Work.  Vincent completed a one year internship as an advocate and counselor at the Iris Center for Domestic Violence before joining the Women’s Resource Center in January of 2016 as a counselor.  Vincent completed a year and a half with the Women’s Resource Center working as a counselor and now is a part of the staff in Winter Haven and Lakeland.  Vincent’s specializes in trauma and domestic violence counseling but is capable of providing a wide range of different types of therapy and counseling.  Vincent enjoys sailing and restoring old cars, he is an artist, and loves to garden.