Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Oct 2017

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What can awareness do?
So much about abuse can make it very isolating. Abusers may prevent victims from spending time with friends or family. They may prohibit them from working, or even leaving the house alone. Victims are often made to feel that the abuse is their fault, or that they deserve the abuse, or that they're exaggerating their negative experiences. Society often reinforces these ideas through victim-blaming. Many victims feel very alone. 

Awareness can bridge the gap between survivors and the support they need. Awareness can break through the pervasive myths, for both survivors and their friends and family. Awareness can demonstrate what abuse is (a way for abusers to maintain power and control), as well as what it isn't (the survivor's fault). Awareness can show survivors that they aren't the only one experiencing abuse, and that there are paths they can take out of abuse. Awareness can help survivors access programs and services like those we provide at WRC, empowering them to heal and create a brighter future for themselves and their families. Awareness can also bring critical funding to enable us to support more survivors on their journeys. As it turns out, awareness, as simple as it may seem, can do a lot.

Prevent Violence. Everyone can do something to help prevent violence against women and their children. Click on the link below to understand what you can do whether you a Parent, Teen, Caregiver, Man, Woman, or Professional.