Why the Independence Program?

  • Clients learn valuable life skills that will help them achieve independence.

  • Clients will set short and long-term goals and will receive support in reaching those goals.

  • Clients become a part of a peer support system that will provide positive feedback and encouragement.

Our Goal

The goal of the Independence Program is to help women regain independence, become self-sufficient, and to improve their overall mental health and wellness. Through weekly group educational workshops and individual meetings facilitated by a client services specialist, each participant develops an individualized plan to help attain both short and long-term goals.

Program Overview  

The Independence Program consists of three components: 

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Personal Growth and Development
  3. Professional Development

Weekly workshop topics include the following topics:

  • Job Interview & Resume' Writing Skills
  • Financial Fitness & Budgeting 
  • Understanding the Cycle of Domestic Violence
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Anger Management 
  • Body Image & Relaxation Skills 

Our unique program curriculum is structured in such a way that women have the opportunity to attend educational workshops and earn credit for participation.  Clients will move through different levels of the program and receiving various incentives along the way. At the same time, clients will set up individual and personalized short and long-term goals which they will work in partnership with the client services specialist to attain.  A commitment of three months is encouraged so that members can reach their goals.  A graduation ceremony takes place to celebrate your progress and success!

To join the Independence Program, either call or visit the Winter Haven or Lakeland Women's Resource Center offices.