Joy Kruppa

Joy Kruppa is WRC’s Program Manager who handles all aspects of programming for the Independence Program. She also serves as a case manager and is key to the organization success to reach out to the men and women in our community.  She is married with two children and four grandchildren.  She started working as a volunteer for WRC then joined the staff.  Graduated from St. Leo College and has had varied work experiences in social services. She started her career working with delinquents at Juvenile Alternative Services Program, then pregnant and parenting teens at Family and Youth Alternatives, next Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital at Inner Harbour, then worked with Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Survivors at Peace River Center, and Medication Management all before joining WRC.  She is certified in First Aid, CPR, and Credit Counseling.  In addition she is certified to teach Alzheimers to staff in Assisted Living Facilities/Nursing facilities.